Digital Marketing Executive

We are hiring a Digital Marketer with a passion for creativity, marketing and content creation to help us create digital assets for social media and digital communications.


  • Produce regular content for social media platforms
  • Taking and Editing photos, 360 images and interactive images
  • Designing digital assets for websites, social media and email campaigns
  • Assist with the creation and execution or new Web Pages, emails and other digital projects
  • Measure social media, lead gen, customer comments and marketing results; effectively translate analytics into actionable insights to constantly drive success.
  • Pro-actively research, test and analyse current trends/new advances in social media and technology, maintaining a leading competitive edge

Qualifications & Experience:

  • Experience with Canva and Adobe Products.
  • Experience with Digital Design.
  • Experience with Video editing software.
  • Knowledge of WordPress.
  • Organisational skills with the ability to work to deadlines and work independently.
  • The ability to manage own workload and time.
  • A genuine love for social media, trends, hashtags, memes, innovations and social best practice and conversation within the news cycle.
  • Excellent team-work / cross-team collaboration.


Due to this position being funding you need to meet a minimum of 2 of the following

Interested? Apply below

[1] A person with SCQF level 4 or below

[2] a person residing in thinly populated areas according to the Degree of urbanisation (DEGURBA category 3) classification. Thinly populated areas means that more than 50% of the population lives in rural grid cells

[3] a person residing in the Scottish Government 8 fold Urban Rural Classification (see ‘Rural Area Rating’ column on ESF Scottish Local Authority Rural Area Postcode list)

[4] A young person aged 16-19 years old who is not engaged in education, employment or training

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