Graphic Design

You only have 2.6 seconds to make a strong first impression online.

Branding is all about crafting a memorable identity, one which captivates your target audience and ensures sales growth.

Our designers transform your business into an meaningful, recognisable and respectable brand. By creating the perfect visual identity for your brand, we aim to attract the attention of your audience with much more than just a logo refresh.

Branding is much more complex than choosing a logo and a catchy strapline. You need to stand out from the crowd with compelling strategies while providing great UX for your audience.

Business Goals and Personality

We take a deeper look at what makes your business tick and what you are wanting to achieve business wise. This can dictate a number of things when it comes to brand design – including the personality of your brand. Are you quirky? Or are you more corporate and serious?

Competitor Analysis

Taking a look at what your competitors are using to brand themselves gives us a better idea of what works and what doesn’t in your industry. This way we can guarantee a better success rate than constantly trying and testing to get it right. Research is significantly quicker than trial and error.


Identifying the Market

Who are you marketing yourself to? What grabs your audience’s attention? What colours do they like? We ask all these questions – and more! – to build up the perfect persona for your brand. This allows us to appeal to them visually and psychologically.

Visual Elements

Don’t mistake logo design for the whole branding process – it’s simply part of it. There are many visual elements that make up a great brand, and it’s important to ensure that they all follow the same theme.

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Optimise Brand Personality
Cast our creative eye over your current branding and assets, and understand how we can help you dominate your industry with flair.
Re-imagine and Revolutionise
Working with your guidelines and vision, or creating them anew, we’ll incorporate our extensive experience to help evolve your brand to the next level.
Mapping Your Strategy
Compile our key insights to realign your branding and creative strategies to fit perfectly into your overall vision and maximise your presence.

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